Your Memories in a Magazine

Template Magazines

With a Template LifetimesMAG, we fit your pictures and our words into an existing magazine design template.

To provide us with everything we need to create your very own LifetimesMAG, after you have placed your order:

- Answer our questions for you, your family & friends - tailored for the occasion - in the website's Client Area;

- Email us the required number of pictures for a 1 (front page only), 8, 12 or 16-page LifetimesMAG, as specified here.

The Browse & Buy tab will show you the different options. Click on the images below and then on the 'eye' icons on the following page to check out the inside pages of each style.



Step 1: Requirements

Select your occasion via the Browse & Buy tab's dropdown menu at the top of the page. Then you can select a Template design style from the 10 available and the number of pages and copies that you would like to be printed. Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive an email receipt and a separate 'Order Details' email from LifetimesMAG that will contain a Unique Access Code with your booking confirmation.

Step 2: Content - Your Words

The Unique Access Code can be used to log into the secure Client Area where there will be tailored questions for the featured individual or couple plus up to 8 friends/family members. Owing to space restrictions, we might not be able to include every answer in the magazine.

The featured individual/couple will have approximately 20-25 questions to answer. Friends/family members will have 6-8 questions and can save their progress by clicking 'Save My Answers'. Once the primary customer has clicked on the box that says ‘Everyone has provided their answers – Process my order’ and then pressed the ‘Process my order’ confirmation button, our expert writers will begin to craft the articles.

Step 3: Content - Your Pictures

Email us the required number of high-resolution pictures from your personal email account or via dropbox, including the Unique Access Code in the Subject Line. For further instructions, please click here. It is recommended that you send over one or two pictures per email. In the body of the email you can state the names of people in the pictures or provide any other details, such as 'These are my parents, Mary and Geoff'.

Once you have emailed over your final picture(s), you should send a separate email with the Unique Access Code in the Subject Line and the words 'NO MORE PICTURES' in the body of the email.

Step 4: Production

Once we have received an email stating 'NO MORE PICTURES' with your Unique Access Code in the subject line, and once you have checked the box that says 'Everyone has provided their answers – Process my order' and then pressed the confirmation button that says 'Process my order', we will have everything we need to produce your special LifetimesMAG.

Step 5: That's it!

Once we have received all of the answers and pictures that you would like to submit, it will usually take us between two and three weeks for us to create your unique LifetimesMAG. When the LifetimesMAG is completed, we will email you the PDF files of your own magazine. At this stage you can read the pages and request specific alterations to details and information in the magazine before the magazine is printed and delivered to you.

Template LifetimesMAG prices using any of our 10 house styles:

(delivery to one UK mainland address included)



Front cover only

8-page magazine

12-page magazine

16-page magazine

One hard copy
Starting from £9.99-£19.99 £149 £169 £189
5 hard copies Contact us £159 £179 £199
10 hard copies Contact us £169 £189 £209
20 hard copies Contact us £179 £199 £219
30 hard copies Contact us £189 £209 £229
40 hard copies Contact us £199 £219 £239
50 hard copies Contact us £209 £229 £249