Your Memories in a Magazine


Once we have discussed and agreed your requirements on the phone or via email, we will draw up an invoice with your specific requirements so you can pay via bank transfer. A table of basic prices for Bespoke orders can be found on the How It Works and Bespoke pages of the website.

Once we have received all of the answers and pictures that you would like to submit, in the vast majority of cases it will take us between two and three weeks for us to create your unique LifetimesMAG and email you the files for approval. Once approved, the printed copies are usually delivered within one week to a single UK address.

We will only start making your LifetimesMAG when we have received confirmation that all of the answers have been provided and all of the pictures have been provided. For a Template LifetimesMAG order, It is the responsibility of the customer to click on the ‘Start making my LifetimesMAG – All Answers Provided’ button in the Client Area of the website and to send an email to (with the customer reference ID in the Subject Line of the email) stating: ‘NO MORE PICTURES’ in the body of the email. Only at this stage will we start to create your LifetimesMAG.

It is not a problem. We can produce a LifetimesMAG with fewer than eight friends/family members answering their questions. Simply check the box that says 'Process my order - all answers have been provided' and then click the 'Process my order' button, and we will get to work on creating your LifetimesMAG!

As long as you want. We will not start writing the content for your LifetimesMAG until the customer has clicked on the ‘Start making my LifetimesMAG – All Answers Provided’ button in the Client Area of the website (after the interviewees have answered their online questionnaires).

Again, as long as you want. We will not start designing your LifetimesMAG until we receive an email from the customer, with the customer ID reference in the Subject Line, with the words FINAL PICTURES in the body of the email. Please check in your email outbox that your picture emails have been sent before you send your confirmation email.

This is your LifetimesMAG, so if you are the customer, you can check and change their answers if you like, but for a Template LifetimesMAG order you must do so BEFORE you click on the ‘Start making my LifetimesMAG – All Answers Provided’ button. Once you click on that button, you are confirming that you are happy with all of the information provided, by you and the other interviewees. Alternatively, you might want to wait and see what they say, as a surprise!

We will email to you the PDF pages of your LifetimesMAG for final approval before we finalise the production of the publication. The customer is given one opportunity to request any changes to the LifetimesMAG before it is printed. Any further changes requested beyond this will incur an additional £20 fee per alteration.

Yes you can! We will keep print-ready copies of your LifetimesMAG on file for at least one year, enabling you to order more copies. Please note though that the price of printing the magazines may increase over time. Until at least December 31, 2019, the price of printing 10 extra copies would be £50.

Yes! We can provide you with a quote for a Bespoke LifetimesMAG of any number of pages. Contact us for more information.

Yes! We can provide you with a quote for any number of copies. Contact us for more information.

With a Bespoke LifetimesMAG, you will have the opportunity to discuss with us any specific requirements, requests and inclusions in the planning stage, before we begin creating your LifetimesMAG. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfil all of your requests, but we will certainly do our best!

We use quality 250gsm silk paper for the cover and 200gsm silk paper for the inner pages, saddle-stitched with two staples. The paper is of a sturdy, quality and smooth feel, but not too hard or thick that the pages are difficult to turn. With the ‘Gazette’ style of LifetimesMAG, we print on 150gsm paper, which is more suitable and authentic for a newspaper.

Unfortunately we are only able to deliver to one address.

Yes, for a Bespoke LifetimesMAG order we can arrange for all of your magazines to be delivered to a single address abroad for an additional cost. The postage cost must be approved and paid for by you before we process the delivery order.

The pictures you send over need to be of a sufficient resolution (sharpness) to include in the magazine. Even if a picture looks fine on a computer screen, it must be of a sufficiently high resolution to avoid looking low quality on printed paper.

It is easy to check out the resolution of a picture you are planning to send to us via email. Simply open up a new email and attach the picture. When it has attached, it should show you the ‘size’ of the picture by showing a number next to the name of the attachment.

  • If a picture has a size is less than 150K, we will not be able to use it in the LifetimesMAG.
  • If a picture has a size of less than 400K, we will only be able to use it as a small picture.
  • If a picture has a size of more than 400K, we should be able to use it in a medium-sized picture slot.
  • If a picture has a size of more than 1,000K (1mb), we should be able to use it in a large picture slot.
  • If a picture has a size of more than 2,000K (2mb), we should be able to use it in any picture slot size in the LifetimesMAG (including the front cover).

So please email us as many pictures that are at least 2,000K (2mb) as possible.

We use approximately 13-20 pictures in an eight-page magazine, 21-29 in a 12-page magazine and 30-40 in a 16-page magazine. However, the precise number of pictures depends on the style you have opted to go for. If you are in any doubt, contact us once you have placed the order, and we can give you an exact number.

To give our designers the chance to select the best and most appropriate pictures, please send us:

  • - About 20 pictures for an eight-page magazine
  • - About 30 pictures for a 12-page magazine
  • - About 40 pictures for a 16-page magazine
  • If there are any pictures you would particularly like to be included, please mention so in the body of the email. 

For a Template order, when you email over your pictures, if you provide details in the body of the email about where you would like them to be placed within the magazine, we will try to accommodate your preferences, for example for a picture on the front cover, if requested. However, placing the pictures depends on the size of the picture (whether its resolution is high enough) and the shape of the picture.

For a Bespoke order, the resolution of each picture will be important again in terms of selecting where pictures should be placed, but we will fit the writing around the pictures.

If there is a picture that you really want to be included in your LifetimesMAG, please make sure its resolution is high (at least 2,000K/3mg).

If you do not include instructions on the picture email(s), our designers will select the best-quality pictures for the LifetimesMAG.

Yes. It is your responsibility to receive permission from the holder of the picture copyright and LifetimesMAG will not be held responsible for including pictures that have not been approved for use in a LifetimesMAG publication by the copyright-holder. By submitting the pictures, you are confirming that you have received permission from the holder of the copyright that the pictures can be used in your LifetimesMAG.

Please email, stating your customer reference number in the Subject Line of the email. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response from our team during the week.