Your Memories in a Magazine

The questions you can ask your parents...

09 March 2020

The Scribbler was struck by a recent article in the esteemed publication, The Wall Street Journal, entitled ‘The Questions You Wish You Had Asked Your Parents’.

The article (here – behind a paywall) highlights an idea that has underpinned our ethos since the original company was established some 13 years ago: That special memories should be captured in print before they fade.

We’re not just talking about life’s big occasions.

People live extraordinary lives without even knowing it and, when they are allowed to delve deeper into the memory bank, they realise that in fact they do have interesting stories to tell after all.


A lifetime of memories

As outlined in the article, ‘adult children often wait until it’s too late to truly understand their parents’, which is obviously a real shame.

The onset of Alzheimer’s is given as one reason, with the number of people living with dementia in the UK expected to rise to more than one million by next year. Another is that sometimes neither the parent, nor their child, know where to start when it comes to recording such tales of yesteryear.

That is exactly why we have launched a Life Memoir LifetimesMAG to sit alongside our other personalised magazine occasions; an affordable, enjoyable and easy way to record special memories.

For our Template magazines, each Life Memoir LifetimesMAG includes a basic structure of questions that can be answered via our website, whenever it is convenient.

The questions will allow the son, daughter or indeed any family member or friend can steer the individual through the various stages of their life: the joys, challenges, relationships and tales from childhood through to the present day. These questions serve as a starting point, allowing the child and parent to reminisce and go into as much detail as they would like.

Of course, as always, there is the opportunity for pictures to be included in the magazine – perhaps of their family and friends.


A Life Memoir in a magazine

Once the questions have been answered and the pictures have been sent over to us, it will take us just two to three weeks to create a wonderful Life Memoir magazine that the person featured and their family will treasure forever.

The magazine will not only keep the memories fresh for the individual featured, giving them the chance to flick through the pages and return to stories of their life with ease. It will also allow them to share memories with their relations, bringing them closer than ever.

It is a fact of life that memories fade through life. But keeping them alive in a Life Memoir LifetimesMAG can be a hugely rewarding and enjoyable experience for all concerned.


To find out more about a Life Memoir LifetimesMAG, with prices starting at just £149, click here or contact us.