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New Year - New LifetimesMAGs!

10 February 2020

A (very) belated Happy New Year! So, it’s been a while since our last update… what have the The Scribbler and co. been up to at LifetimesMAG?

Quite simply, we have been incredibly busy creating more personalised magazines than ever before for lots of amazing people. Our feet have barely touched the ground since last Easter, and people appear to have been spreading the word and saying nice things about LifetimesMAG to friends and family, which is fantastic.

We are so grateful for the incredible feedback we have received from customers. Don’t just take our word for it – check out our Testimonials page here.

But looking back on 2019 is SO last year… and we wanted to start 2020 and indeed the new decade with a bang.

So, we have added no fewer than THREE new types of LifetimesMAG options to our offering, to sit alongside the ever-popular Anniversary, Birthday, Retirement and Wedding personalised magazines.

So, (*drumroll*), introducing…


Baby Lifetimesmag

Baby's First Year:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to record the story of your Baby’s First Year, but without the hassle of arranging your own scrapbook? Trust us – we’ve been there – trying to sort one out while your forgetful ‘baby brain’ tries, without prompts, to recall special memories, is not easy. There will be thousands of empty or unfinished scrapbooks sitting in draws, forgotten about, across the country.

However, with our Baby’s First Year LifetimesMAG, we will remind you at three, six and nearly 12 months about our easy-to-answer questions about the last few weeks, covering every stage from preparing for the big arrival through to your little bundle of joy turning one year old. Simply send over your pictures and we will weave them into beautiful pages alongside our articles, crafted by expert writers on the basis of the answers you have provided. An amazing keepsake for new parents.


School Lifetimesmag

Leaving School:

A LifetimesMAG for Leaving School is a great way to record fantastic times – both in and out of the classroom – with the help of mates who will become life-long friends and/or members of your family. It’s the perfect gift for someone special who is preparing to move on to the next stage of their life.

This is not a normal yearbook that lists everyone in the year whether you like them or not. Instead, a Leaving School LifetimesMAG focuses on one person’s story, gathering their memories of some of the best days of their life, with up to eight of their friends or family members offering anecdotes and messages about the school leaver in question to create a truly incredible memento.


Lifememoir Lifetimesmag

Life Memoir:

People have amazing stories to tell about their own life, but they rarely put them down in print. A Life Memoir LifetimesMAG is a wonderful way of recording the anecdotes, tales and major milestones of someone’s life, giving them the chance to reflect on special times and momentous occasions before being able to relive those stories time and again, keeping the memories fresh in the mind.

As always, the answers required for the articles can be provided by the person featured in the magazine or with the assistance of another person. Quite simply, a Life Memoir LifetimesMAG immortalises a person’s most precious memories in a beautiful magazine.


So, there we have it – three great new options and lots of LifetimesMAGs waiting to be created for people who want to remember special times in style.

Whatever your memorable milestone is, we’re looking forward to hearing from you. As ever, just get in touch if you have any questions… and here’s to the 2020s!

The Scribbler