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Don’t let the weather ruin your outdoor wedding

02 March 2018

As the ‘Beast from the East’ pummeled the British Isles this week, The Scribbler’s thoughts turned to couples who make plans for an outdoor wedding.

Alanis Morrissette thought that rain on your wedding day was ‘ironic’… but in Britain, where you can experience all four seasons in a day, what would the songstress make of unexpected snow on the big occasion?

According to the latest figures, an increasing number of couples are opting for winter dates, taking the opportunity to save money on suppliers and focus on creating a snug and cosy venue. 

However, if your wedding destination does not shield you, your partner and your guests from the elements, then you are at the whims of Mother Nature and her notoriously unpredictable temperament in Britain.

So how do you prepare for all weather scenarios without jeopardising your dream of getting married outside? 

Whether it’s on a beach, atop a mountain or by a lake, embracing the conditions is the key to ensuring a memorable day. 


If the rain or snow starts to leak its way into your special day and you want to keep everyone outside for photos or speeches, having a basket of umbrellas on hand will make all the difference.

Hair and make-up worries will be dispelled and people will focus on making the day a memorable one. Another perk with providing everyone with umbrellas is that they can become a quirky and colourful addition to the day – and the wedding photos.

Speaker system

In the great outdoors, any number of noises can make hearing the all-important speeches a real struggle to hear. Avoid having your guests leaning in and straining to hear as the wind batters the marquee you’ve hired.

Rent or borrow a microphone and speaker from a friend to make sure that the blustery wind, heavy rain or thunder doesn’t drown out those words that are often the highlight of the day!

Hot comfort food

As winter rolls around, The Scribbler knows how important it is to have a nice warm meal after a cold day outside. Get rid of those summer salads and keep your guests feeling full and cosy with hearty food.

Wardrobe enhancements

The bride is the main concern when it comes to making adjustments to their outfit. A small hook on the dress can be useful to lift it off the ground in case it’s muddy. Also make sure that any make-up is waterproof… for rain, wind and the occasional tear! 

Have an indoor alternative

If the weather really is uncontrollably bad, it is useful to have a back-up indoor venue that can take care of the ceremony and reception, if called upon. Many wedding venues will offer this option and it is worth keeping it open – especially if it will save the wedding party from resembling drowned rats!


PICTURE CREDIT: Fabrice Lambert