Your Memories in a Magazine

Bargain Valentine’s Day ideas… for less than £10!

20 January 2017

By the Scribbler...

Are you strapped for cash this Valentine’s day? Never fear! The Scribbler is here with a few ideas of how to come up with a romantic treat for your other half… and still have change in your pocket from a tenner! 


Feed the love:

Is the way to your partner’s heart through his or her stomach? Well, you don’t have to spend a fortune at a fancy restaurant. Cooking a romantic, candlelit meal at home – particularly a favourite dish or something spectacular from this selection – will show your better half just how much they mean to you.

Cost: You can rustle up a delicious chicken, fish or meat dish for two with all the trimmings for £8-12.

Take it outside:

On the same note, how about a picnic? Homemade, cheap, scrumptious and fun, all you’ll need to pay for on top of the food and drink is the transport to take you to your destination. But just remember to pack a thick rug and wrap up warm at this time of the year!

Cost: If you’re making sandwiches and have crisps, a few sausage rolls and a sweet treat, you are looking at about £8-10. 

Write a poem:

You’re a poet but you don’t know it! If rhyming isn’t your forte, why don’t you try out free online poem-creators, such as or And when your partner listens in amazement, make sure you take all the credit for your new-found talent!

Cost: Free! 

Put your love on a magazine cover:

Does your love deserve to be on the front of a magazine? Then allow us at to create for you a unique, stunning personalised magazine front cover for as little as £9.99 for styles such a Glossy, providing you and your loved one with a permanent reminder of just why your relationship is so special, combining your pictures and our professionally-scripted words about you.

Cost: Starting at just £9.99 including delivery for a personalised front cover.

Take a trip down memory lane:

Why don’t you go back to where you met, or where you had your first date, and go for a drink or two? What a wonderful way to go back to where it all started and rekindle the excitement of those early encounters.

Cost: Transport to get you there plus £6 for a couple of coffees (or something stronger). 

Go ‘old skool’:

Before the millennium, it was all about creating a mix tape for the one you love. Now of course it’s about burning a CD of your partner’s favourite songs – and those pieces of music that mean a lot to both of you.

Cost: £9.99 will get you up to 25 blank CDs from a supermarket… so you’ll have to find a new mix for the next 25 Valentine’s Days!

Create your own coupons:

This isn’t just any voucher book for your partner. Include things they would love, such as a massage from you, a glass of their favourite wine in a bubble bath, or perhaps a slice of their favourite cake – all on demand of course!

Cost: You can go as cheap or adventurous as you like! 

The language of love:

What could be more romantic than learning a few words in another language to say to your loved one? You might know Ti amo in Italian or Je t’adore in French, but don’t stop there. After all, did you know there are eight ways to say ‘I love you’ in Gaelic!?

Cost: Free! Check out all these ways to declare your love for your partner in hundreds of different languages. 

Write a love letter:

It’s an oldie, but a goodie. For added romance, why don’t you post the letter, even if you live with your partner? Don’t worry if you’re not a wordsmith. Why don’t you do something simple like make a bullet-point list of everything you love about your partner. Go on, try it – you’ll feel more in love than ever!

Cost: If you’re posting your letter, 64p for a first-class stamp or, if you’re really tight, 55p for a second-class stamp!


So, there you go. You now have no excuse to say you couldn’t afford to treat your loved one. There is still plenty of time before February 14… so go forth and be romantic!