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                                    • Is it worth gambling your memories with a novice wedding photographer?

                                      15 September 2017

                                      As the wedding excitement bubbles over like the Champagne-filled glasses, brides and grooms begin planning a picture-perfect day that will capture their personalities and be remembered fondly forever. The Scribbler is well aware of how expensive a wedding can be – and has the receipts and credit card bills to prove it. However, while it is understandable that people want to reduce unnecessary costs in as many areas as possible, scrimping on the photographer by going with a very cheap (or even free) option isn’t usually the answer. Tales of photo woes are all too common in such circumstances...  (Read More)
                                    • Fancy an unusual wedding venue? ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough…’

                                      31 August 2017

                                      From white beaches and bare feet to looking down a breathtaking valley from a mountain or seeing the light break through the trees in the middle of a forest, the great outdoors or a cosy location that holds a special place in a couple’s heart can make for the perfect wedding venue. Marriage traditions are something engrained in our culture today, but The Scribbler knows that heading to the church or the registrar doesn’t scream out ‘dream wedding’ for everyone! “Freedom of choice is such a wonderful thing, and in life we embrace freedom of choice, but sadly when it come to getting married w...  (Read More)
                                    • Honeymoon – find your holiday of a lifetime

                                      03 February 2017

                                      By the Scribbler... On a cold winter’s day, the Scribbler likes nothing better than thumbing through some travel brochures over a large glass of red in front of a roaring fire, sheltering away from the wet and windy weather outside and warming the cockles by dreaming of sunnier times to come. For many newlyweds, of course, they are looking for something a little more than just another holiday. With more flights and more routes than ever before, it has never been so easy to see the world. But with so many options, where on Earth do you start when you are planning your honeymoon? Luckily,...  (Read More)
                                    • Wedding Night – dream versus reality?

                                      27 January 2017

                                      By the Scribbler… For every married couple, the romantic vision of the wedding night is something to relish at the end of the best day of their lives. We are all aware of the dream… -          Champagne on ice; -          Rose petals scattered over the bed in a heart shape; -          Candles flickering; -          A gigantic queen-size four-poster bed, decorated with beautiful drapes; -          Perhaps a bubble bath by candlelight; -          A doting partner, lavishing you with compliments and love; -          And not forgetting some sexy lingerie and – of course – the passionat...  (Read More)