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                            • Speeeeeeeech! Top tips for public speaking

                              13 January 2017

                              By the LifetimesMAG Scribbler...   "And now I would like to introduce the best man." Those are 10 words from the toastmaster that will increase the heartbeat of even the most confident of individuals. Lots of us have been there - The Scribbler included. And don’t forget about the father of the bride, the maid of honour or indeed the bride or groom – all of whom are often called upon to offer a few words to a captive audience on the big day. The Scribbler fondly remembers being told as a child, waiting to take to the school stage and squeak out a single sentence as part of the Christmas...  (Read More)
                            • Forget the January blues - memories will be made in 2017!

                              06 January 2017

                              By the LifetimesMAG Scribbler... Feeling the January blues? Don’t worry, be happy, as the countdown is already under way to fun, frolics, wonderful days and nights out, and even a bit of sun. Yes, it might have been a wonderful Christmas and New Year period, and now it’s back to work with early starts on those awful dark, frozen mornings. But there’s plenty to look forward to in 2017, and if reading this doesn’t perk you up, you can always seek solace by tracking down those last few Quality Street chocolates at the back of the cupboard. 'I wish it could be Christmas every day' Do you r...  (Read More)
                            • Married to the enemy

                              10 June 2016

                              By the LifetimesMAG Scribbler... Today is a big day for football fans, with Euro 2016 kicking off in France this evening. Over the next few weeks, there are sure to be guests at weddings and other celebrations who will have one eye on their mobile phone or where they can find the nearest television in order to check the latest scores.  Of course, one way for the bride and groom to counter such skulduggery is to embrace the beautiful game as part of their day. Football-themed weddings are increasingly common, especially with football clubs often providing ideal venues – even, at times, on...  (Read More)
                            • Wedding memories and preserving ‘the best day of my life’

                              01 June 2016

                              By the LifetimesMAG Scribbler... It was the best day of my life. It’s a cliché that I found myself using over and over on the day following my wedding. At one point, I called my friend, who had recently been married and used that very phrase, to tell him he was right. I dialled the wrong number, but still managed to get my catchphrase of the day into conversation to the bewildered voice on the other end.  If you were to ask me on the morning after my wedding why it had been the “the best day of my life”, I guess I would have had a million things to say. The passage of time has eroded som...  (Read More)