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            • Business as usual!

              20 March 2020

              We just wanted to reassure our customers that it will be business as usual at LifetimesMAG over the coming weeks and months. If you have placed an order for a personalised magazine, your payment is safe and we will create your magazine as and when you want, regardless of when that may be. Indeed, we will also continue to process orders from new customers and we don't envisage any significant impact on our service. Once we have received your answers and pictures, it will still only take us a couple of weeks to create the pages of your LifetimesMAG and email them over to you for approval. Our...  (Read More)
            • The questions you can ask your parents...

              09 March 2020

              The Scribbler was struck by a recent article in the esteemed publication, The Wall Street Journal, entitled ‘The Questions You Wish You Had Asked Your Parents’. The article (here – behind a paywall) highlights an idea that has underpinned our ethos since the original company was established some 13 years ago: That special memories should be captured in print before they fade. We’re not just talking about life’s big occasions. People live extraordinary lives without even knowing it and, when they are allowed to delve deeper into the memory bank, they realise that in fact they do have interes...  (Read More)
            • New Year - New LifetimesMAGs!

              10 February 2020

              A (very) belated Happy New Year! So, it’s been a while since our last update… what have the The Scribbler and co. been up to at LifetimesMAG? Quite simply, we have been incredibly busy creating more personalised magazines than ever before for lots of amazing people. Our feet have barely touched the ground since last Easter, and people appear to have been spreading the word and saying nice things about LifetimesMAG to friends and family, which is fantastic. We are so grateful for the incredible feedback we have received from customers. Don’t just take our word for it – check out our Testimon...  (Read More)
            • Adding that extra special touch…

              10 June 2019

              By The Scribbler When everything around us is about speed, urgency to absorb information and the internet at our fingertips, there's something uniquely satisfying about seeing something that you can touch and hold with your own hands. We’re not just talking about a LifetimesMAG, either. With weddings, for example, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to be happy with just digital copies of your pictures, and it’s very likely that you’ll want to post out physical invitations rather than inviting guests via email or text. The personal touch When you look at the wonderful creations of InkSc...  (Read More)