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Bespoke Magazines

With a Bespoke personalised LifetimesMAG, your words and pictures set the agenda, and we can accommodate specific requests as part of a luxury service that includes:

- A personal approach, starting with an initial telephone consultation about your exact requirements;

- Telephone interviews delving deeper into the detail, as well as the thoughts and emotions of those involved;

- Truly unique designs crafted around the pictures and words, with the opportunity to include special requests, such as the following examples:

Bespoke 2-page -001

In-depth telephone interviews to enable our writers to craft unique articles around the images provided (example style: Elegant)

Bespoke 4-page -001

The inclusion of readings, poems, speeches or song lyrics into unique page design spreads (example style: Sleek)

Padgets -church -bespoke -1

Background and historical information about the main venue, researched by our writers (example style: Elegant)


Mr Mrs _PDF-page -001

Personalised quizzes or Q&As with the interviewees to offer a fun insight into the main personalities (example style: Lucid)

Bespoke 1-1

Tell us about the key people behind the occasion - who are they and what are they like? (example style: Matchday)

Bespoke 3-page -001

The music playlist or tracklist carved into the design in a complementary and consistent style (example style: Vivid)



Step 1: Requirements

Email us with your basic requirements – the Occasion, Style, Number of Pages and Number of Copies (if decided) and we will call you back at a convenient time for you to discuss your specific requirements further, if requested. Don't worry if you are looking for inspiration... our consultants will provide you with lots of ideas!

You can select the design concept from our 10 house styles listed here or alternatively we can cater for a Bespoke order of a style not included in our selection, starting at a total price of £799 for an 8-page magazine, including a non-refundable £250 deposit. We can also arrange for your Bespoke LifetimesMAG to have more than 16 pages and can arrange for any number of copies to be printed. Contact us for further information.

Step 2: Payment

After the exact requirements have been discussed and agreed upon, we will email you an invoice detailing the specifications and can begin work on your truly unique LifetimesMAG as soon as we have received the payment via bank transfer. You will receive a receipt for your records.

Step 3: Words

For the words in your Bespoke LifetimesMAG, we will carry out telephone interviews at a convenient time for you, your friends and family.

The interview(s) with the featured person or people in the Bespoke LifetimesMAG should take about 30 minutes per person. For friends/family, interviews should take no longer than 10-15 minutes per person and can be conducted via email, if requested.

Step 4: Pictures

For the pictures in your Bespoke LifetimesMAG, you and your friends and family will be given an email address to send over your high-resolution pictures for inclusion in your magazine. You can also submit your pictures via Dropbox. For further information, click here.

Step 5: That's it!

Once we have received all of the answers and pictures that you would like to submit, it will usually take us between two and three weeks for us to create your unique LifetimesMAG. When the LifetimesMAG is completed, we will email you the PDF files of your own magazine. At this stage you can read the pages and request specific alterations to details and information in the magazine before the magazine is printed and delivered to you.

Not sure how many printed copies you would like to order?

You can decide how many copies you would like at any time after you have received the final PDFs of your LifetimesMAG. We can arrange for any number of copies of your LifetimesMAG to be printed on quality paper, starting at £50 for an additional 10 hard copies. Please note that print prices can go up over time.

Bespoke LifetimesMAG prices using any of our 10 house styles:

(delivery to one UK mainland address included)



8-page magazine

12-page magazine

16-page magazine

One hard copy
£499 £599 £699
5 hard copies £509 £609 £709
10 hard copies £519 £619 £719
20 hard copies £529 £629 £729
30 hard copies £539 £639 £739
40 hard copies £549 £649 £749
50 hard copies £559 £659 £759


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