A Magazine All About You

There's a LifetimesMAG for every special occasion

Whether you want a magazine to mark a wedding, birthday, anniversary, special celebration or even a 'memory mag' for personal memoirs or someone reaching a life milestone, there is a unique LifetimesMAG waiting to be created for you and shared with family and friends.

Every LifetimesMAG includes:

-   Articles created by our writers, based on your answers to our questions about the occasion

-   A selection of your pictures, which we use to create a stunning design in one of our 10 house styles 

The first decision you need to make is whether you would like a Template or Bespoke LifetimesMAG:

With a Template LifetimesMAG, we fit your pictures and our words – which are written on the basis of the unique answers provided by you, your friends and family, via our website – into an existing design template.

Prices (delivery to one UK mainland address included):

  Front cover only 8-page magazine          
12-page magazine          
16-page magazine          
One hard copy            
Starting from £9.99-£19.99 £129 £149 £169
5 hard copies Contact us £139 £159 £179
10 hard copies Contact us £149 £169 £189
20 hard copies Contact us £159 £179 £199
30 hard copies Contact us £169 £189 £209
40 hard copies Contact us £179 £199 £219
50 hard copies Contact us £189 £209 £229


For more about a Template LifetimesMAG, please click on the relevant section at the top of the page.

With a Bespoke LifetimesMAG, we fit a unique design template, based on one of our 10 styles, around your pictures and words – which are written on the basis of detailed telephone interviews at a convenient time for you, your friends and family – and can accommodate specific requests in advance regarding the design or writing.

Prices (delivery to one UK mainland address included):

  8-page magazine          
12-page magazine          
16-page magazine          
One hard copy            £499 £599 £699
5 hard copies £509 £609 £709
10 hard copies £519 £619 £719
20 hard copies £529 £629 £729
30 hard copies £539 £639 £739
40 hard copies £549 £649 £749
50 hard copies £559 £659 £759


We can cater for bespoke orders of any number of pages and number of copies. Contact Us to find out more.

For more about a Bespoke LifetimesMAG, please click on the relevant section at the top of the page.


We have a range of styles to choose from for your LifetimesMAG, including:



Check out our Occasions page to browse the various styles for different occasions. After selecting the style, you need to decide the number of pages for your LifetimesMAG and the number of copies you would like. Our standard Template orders are for 1 (front cover only), 8, 12 or 16 pages per magazine and up to 150 hard copies, but we can cater for Bespoke orders of any size – just contact us to find out more.

With EVERY order, you will receive an online flipbook version of your LifetimesMAG, so you can share your memories with your friends on Facebook and other social media platforms.

For more information about the ordering process, please click on the relevant Template or Bespoke tab at the top of the page for a step-by-step guide. For further information, please refer to our FAQs and Terms & Conditions pages.