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    • Weighing up the wedding budget

      10 March 2017

      By the Scribbler…   Ah, budget week. A furrowed brow surveying where money can be saved and where it needs to be spent; squeezing a penny here; saving a pound there; robbing Peter to pay Paul elsewhere; and above all deciding what is nice-to-have as opposed to need-to-have. No, we’re not talking about the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s twice-yearly speech at the House of Commons; we’re talking about the time you sit down with your partner and pluck an optimistic figure out of the air for what it will cost to get married. We all talk about politicians breaking manifesto promises. But when it ...  (Read More)
    • All roads lead to the NEC...

      01 March 2017

      By the Scribbler... It’s that time of year again… The National Wedding Show is upon us! For anyone planning for their big day, a trip to the NEC is a must. There will be 300 experts and exhibitors specialising in everything ‘weddingy’, including LifetimesMAG.com. Let’s be honest, though: whether you’re looking for the final touches or just want to peruse the wares and get some major inspiration, it can all be a bit overwhelming. Like wedding planning isn’t stressful enough, right? Well, luckily for you the Scribbler has taken the liberty to ask The National Wedding Show team for some inside...  (Read More)
    • The wedding day - when personalities clash

      13 February 2017

      By the Scribbler...   Weddings can bring out the best and worst in people. Sometimes people just don’t get on, but there is simply no way of avoiding having them at your wedding. The personality clashes portrayed so vividly in Monday night’s show on Channel 4, The Wedding Day, are all too familiar to anyone who has tied the knot. Devising a seating plan that will minimise the possibility of a wedding-day punch up is just one worry. But the lingering potential for old wounds to be opened up and arguments to erupt between guests has the potential to overshadow the build-up for the big day – a...  (Read More)
    • Honeymoon – find your holiday of a lifetime

      03 February 2017

      By the Scribbler... On a cold winter’s day, the Scribbler likes nothing better than thumbing through some travel brochures over a large glass of red in front of a roaring fire, sheltering away from the wet and windy weather outside and warming the cockles by dreaming of sunnier times to come. For many newlyweds, of course, they are looking for something a little more than just another holiday. With more flights and more routes than ever before, it has never been so easy to see the world. But with so many options, where on Earth do you start when you are planning your honeymoon? Luckily, the...  (Read More)